Sunday, March 26, 2006


"You might regret this tomorrow." - Luis, mere seconds ago

I want a place to express myself, because I spend so much time cooped up that I don't express myself enough. That said, I also want a name with pizzazz. So I may regret this title tomorrow. (I chose it when I was quite inebriated; still am.)

Let me also acknowledge the Essex Green song I pulled the blog title from. The phrase Notes in the carpet is from the track "Snakes In The Grass" (Cannibal Sea (2006), Merge Records). I ordered their first EP from their old website, and it came with a handwritten letter from Chris Ziter. If he ever reads this, I think it's very cool how he treats his fans.

Okay, I will try to limit posting to sobriety. So that means I must bid this place adieu.


Blogger Hezalin said...

Shit, i forgot
Matty eats toads!

5/4/06 16:50  
Blogger James said...

Only the hallucinogen kind.

5/4/06 17:21  

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