Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Random Nuissances

I know; I promised a play-by-play of the work trips. They're forthcoming, if just for my future reference.

Yesterday at the polling station, some woman lamented to the returning officers that they made it hard for her to find where to vote on the basis that she had voted at the same place for the last five years. At that point I asked her whether she could read her registration card, and she held it up and said the part that indicated the votin' place should have been a different colour than the rest of the text. I repeated my question about whether she could read it, but she insisted that it was absurd to change the polling station at which point I informed her that things change.

When I finally write about my experience traveling Nova Scotia, you will read about how kind and generous and genuine the people are. On that same note, there are a lot of complacent, unprogressive thinkers who feel the government owes them everything. Case and point: my father was listening to a radio take show on CBC. Some woman from the south shore was bitching that a bridge had been out of service for six months, and they had finally started to repair it, anticipating it would take another two months to complete the task. She insisted the detour was inexcusable and blamed the Liberal Party of Nova Scotia for the inconvenience. The talk show host asked her who her MLA was, and she named someone whose riding was some 200 km away. These are the people who complain: the idiots.


Today at the doctor's office, this woman walks in with two children. There were no grouped seats left, so I offered her mine. It wasn't adjacent to her kids, but it was closer than where she sat (to my immediate right). She proceeded to remove her shoes and stack her feet on the coffee table with the children's books; sighed louder than all the chatter within hearing distance; violently flipped through a magazine, tearing out the pages that interested her; and displayed various other immature shit that grated me. Her son and daughter were quite well-behaved, considering the household they must inhabit, but there's no wonder I'm itching to leave my beautiful province.

End rant.