Sunday, January 13, 2008

James Wood Proverbs

I can't say whether these thoughts have been stashed away in my subconscious, whether my inner mind is merely resurfacing enlightenment I gathered long ago and subsequently turned my back upon, but I maintain to the best of my knowledge that I discovered all of these by myself:

1. Impatience is the ambition of the disobedient. Those who follow God's path carry the moment on their shoulders; those who embrace their doubt cave under the weight of a lifetime.

2. Feelings, like all things alive, will perish if you starve them. But he who denies his heart and not his stomach endures a torture as unrelenting as hunger.

3. Bother. Just because.

4. Time heals all but curiosity.

5. Feast in accordance with your hunger. On a given day, read four pages of the Bible for every one you dare not swallow.


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