Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NIV For Me

A pretty cosmetic update this time, but I've decided to read the New International Version from now on, which the astute will surely notice when I quote scripture in future posts. I found myself having to cross-reference a lot of things with Biblegateway.com, and it occurred to me that I might have been focusing more on the language than the message at times (King James Version). So yeah, I've been sloppy with updates the last few days, which is not to say that I've been less aggressive in my campaign to serve God.

What the hey, let's mention a few other nuggets from my life:

1. On Saturday I attended a membership class at the Yarmouth Wesleyan. Having considered the important points outlined in the class, I've decided to make it formal and join the flock. In accordance with their principles, this will require me to forsake my weekly lotto ticket, as no member is permitted to indulge in any form of gambling. If you need further evidence or testimony of the changes God has worked for me, I'm not the least bit bothered by this change. It's actually a relief, to be completely divulgent. See, I'd long held to the law of probability that states, quite truly, that my numbers would eventually pop up if I were to play them forever. Of course, it's entirely random, but I thought that if those numbers should converge sooner than later, I'd have my novels funded and wouldn't need to submit to a publishing company that doesn't share my vision for the books. For the record, I'm not writing for Christians, but am instead using Biblical resonance for the sake of spicing up what I hope will be an entertainment tale with spiritual and political undertones. As Matt said the other day, if God has truly put this story into me so that I might write it, circumstance will see that my words hit a print press. I trust in that. I just do.

2. Because I spend waaayy too much time alone, I've decided to get more involved at the church. I've tentatively made arrangements to accompany one of the pastors during house visits next week, and I will be more than eager to share any part of my story that might help anyone find the LORD. Beyond that, I'm unsure to what capacity I can lend further assistance, but I am so compelled to do God's work that it was simply time to take the initial steps. Answers are coming; I'm sure of it.

I guess that's all I'll mention for now. Other surprises forthcoming.


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