Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hey Zeus and J-Funk

Between deadlines, socializing, house cleaning, and life's imperceptible ways of diverging my concentration, this place hasn't been updated in a while. So what's been going on?

I'm too lazy to hunt sources, but it seemed everyone was discussing the Gospel of Judas around Easter. There was a big hoopla about Jesus asking to be betrayed, thus catalyzing his trial and crucifixion. Of course, the basis of the entire religion is his resurrection, and no other holiday or ritual should ever overshadow that event in the hearts of purist Christians. It doesn't matter how many virgins give birth if life ends at death, and I can't count how many genuinely good people, religious people, fear death like nothing else. Naturally, there's a difference between identifying oneself with a belief system and actually believing its precepts. To use a much lighter analogy, people who claim an affinity to certain types of music because they perceive it as trendy, but then they don't listen to it once the company has left.

Getting back to Judas, whether he was acting according to Jesus's wish or not, what he did was necessary. Whether he was evil or not, evil is necessary. God invented evil, supposedly to test faith. That's the basis of creationism, that nothing existed before God's hand touched it. And if God didn't create evil, He knowingly created the things that would spawn evil. That Judas had a role to play in the grand scheme of things is no mystery to me, and I think that without the neverending conflict between good and evil, that life might be a little pointless. If the world was nothing but love and magic, would those blessings still feel loving and magical?

Decent updates forthcoming. I promise.


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