Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Point Form Rebuttal (For now)

- It seems righteous for God to cleanse our memories, but I don't understand how we can better serve Him by not knowing how we came to.

- Christ told His disciples that the least on Earth (presumably the one who kept the least of himself) would be the greatest in heaven.

- Obviously, Christ was the one to give the most of Himself, giving up His entire self on our behalf. I think it fair to assume that the He who overcame sin, surviving three days in hell, will bear none of the person who entered it so that we might not be inherently condemned to it. This new, reborn version of the LORD Himself is the one we'll meet when we stand to be judged. As humans, even our sense of victory is limited. Christ not only defeated sin, He did so in such a pure, superlative manner that it's as if He never touched the stuff. This, if nothing else, I believe.

- I think I understand more than I'm acknowledging but have been indoctrinated with a concept of identity that is trying to preclude me from finding true salvation. This may be part of the journey and not a reason to abandon it.


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