Sunday, May 07, 2006

What's Going On?

Good news and bad.

I accepted the position working for Nova Scotia Tourism this summer. It's within spitting distance of the gym, so my workout routine won't suffer. As my 2.3 readers have undoubtedly noticed, the blog will suffer. I'll try to post all relevant updates when I can; I just feel that so much of my life has been spent online that maintaining a blog seems fruitless. I've been a pretty avid poster on certain message boards, and those will likely be the first to go. I have no intention of breaking contact with select people (you know who you are), so that will about deplete the time I spend online. It's nothing to write a few paragraphs for the blog, so I should be able to maintain some kind of presence, but be forewarned; it won't be the same.

I've already attended a training session in Halifax for my new position. I had to be at the VIC (Visitor Information Centre) at 6:45 A.M. on 27 April. It was then that I met three other members of the team, and most of the others were in Halifax also. The great thing about training is everyone at the conference is so inviting and friendly, partly because Nova Scotians are naturally hospitable but also because they wanted to make a good impression on us travel counsellors, the givers of information, if you will.

I was offered a complimentary tour of the Alexander Keith's brewery (those who like it, like it a lot). It was funny how they have people dressed in period costume and how they refuse to break character, so they advise us before passing through the magical doors that we can't ask them any questions pertaining to 2006 because they think it's the 19th Century. Of course, they then lead us through rooms with lightbulb chandeliers and countless other hints at modernity. But I digress; it was a blast. Had a buffet dinner at the Sheraton Casino, got a free million-dollar pull at this machine that was supposed to award its bounty within the first ten years of operation, but we're nearing twelve so I could've won that. Of course, no one did.

There were some wonderful presenters at the conference. I saw a slideshow of photos that revitalized my zeal for this province. Even though I have all intentions of leaving it to plant my footsteps on all continents, it's nice to have a home I can look back fondly upon.

And my book's coming along nicely, though it creeps me out how much of it seems to be spinning truth through words. More on that later, if I get a courageously drunk.


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