Monday, November 06, 2006

A Brief Interruption...

Might as well announce to the world that I'm the new Managing Editor for Latitude Publishing/Commerce Magazine. I'll also be helping to develop a new publication, the details of which I'm not at liberty to disclose right now. Anyway, I'm loving the creative freedom and constructive challenges of the publishing industry. I also pick up my new (to me) car this afternoon. Anticipating reader questions, it's a 2003 Corolla. Adulthood, thy name is Wood.

More on Montréal to follow shortly.

EDIT: Seems I already posted about this. So yeah, it happened.


Blogger (Andrea) said...

Awesome! Chicks will dig you now. (Yes, some specimens of our specie can be that shallow!)

But seriously, congratulations and I wish you the very best in this new stage of your life.

Wow, that was corny...

6/11/06 19:17  
Blogger James said...

Here's hoping you're right! And thank you very kindly for your encouragement.

7/11/06 22:37  

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