Saturday, November 04, 2006

Montréal Part 1: Dummy Discards A Halifax

(Originally written 30 October 2006)

25 October 2006
Took the Cloud 9 shuttle to my old stompin' grounds. I thought it a good omen that my favourite of their drivers was the one to arrive at my place as 8:30 AM crept up. Not that she experienced more in her life than the other staff, but she seems more open to discussion and seems more accepting of life's unexpected surprises. She spoke of having been a bit unhinged as a teen, a time from which she extracts the required wisdom to successfully raise present day children. Also aboard the shuttle were a silent guy, a conservative (ish) woman, and an gentleman the driver described as an old, French, cosmopolitan fellow. He even left the keys in the exterior side of the knob so he never loses them within the confines of his house.

In Halifax I passed the day with an old friend. All I care to say about that experience is life is a series of choices. I remember foregoing an opportunity to study in France my third year at university. I chose to stay in Canada to be around a lady I believed to be a permanent fixture in my life. That's the only reason I was around to meet the person with whom I spent 25 October. This person, unlike me, has made some practical choices. I've known her to pursue career goals instead of nurturing a romantic relationship. She is living proof that such pursuits aren't always for the best as it bit her square in the ass. I somehow feel better about my tendency to over-romanticize life. Nevertheless, I wish her well in all her endeavours, but she will soon learn--if she hasn't already--the difference between dreamers and achievers. I genuinely hope she completes her screenplay; if it must perish, let it be on paper instead of the mind's oblivion. (May my novels in progress share a similar fate.)

I must say, my novels are beyond the fetal stage, and time is escaping me of late. Further evidence this trip was necessary.

I spent the night at Reg's new pad after meeting him at his running group HQ. One thing that must be said about Reg: many could benefit from him as a role model, especially if they understood the work he's invested into his new place. He also introduced me to mixed martial arts, aka the UFC.

26 October 2006
Had French toast at Pete's, bought a Deerhoof album I lacked, and boarded the train much closer to departure time than I intended (almost dangerously close). I took a solitary seat, spun Apple O' for the first time, and basked in the countryside as we slowly rolled away from the station. The first few hours passed quickly.


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