Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Montréal Part 4: Some Assembly Required

29 October 2006
If you've ever emptied your stomach's contents before sleeping, you probably understand how I awoke a new person on this Sunday. Marc-O wasn't faring as well, his liver having to absorb all the toxins he consumed the night before.

I had my first genuine Montréal bagel for breakfast, topped with peanut butter. The morning passed quickly, and for lunch we drove to the part of the city known as le Plateau to a restaurant called la Banquise. There we had poutine, which was less than exceptional (thanks a lot, Vice Guide). From there we walked one of the many shopping districts, and Marc-O and Marie found a nice print of a promotional poster depicting a Spanish matador.

We then went grocery shopping, and I managed to pass up a free beer sample at one of the kiosks in the store. Would my discipline help to prevent three days of gastrointestinal woes? No.

I wouldn't mention my, uh, complication to Marc-O until after the Halloween concert, but it started that afternoon. I'll spare everyone the details, but it definitely made moving around the city riskier than it ought to have been.

After supper we went to a very cute independant cinema where we took in a homegrown film entitled Congorama.

30 October 2006
This day is a blur at this point, which is why I should have probably written more sooner. Nevertheless, I finished reading Generation X and spent a few hours wandering the city by myself. It was interesting to see how much culture Montréal encapsulates.


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