Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Those Crazy Spammers

Why do these people think anyone would buy from them if they can't spell the name of their own product? Sure, they want their messages to slip through the cracks and avoid spam filters, but is anyone really in the market for some v|ilargra or a hrome lwoan? At least street venders who sell fake watches make no pretense about their authenticity. It's all, "Dude, this looks the shit, but it's as fake as Sasquatch's myspace account." The only good thing about this whole nuissance is the ease with which I can comb through my junk folder; proper English = move to inbox; gibberish = cheap advertisement. [/Observation]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally... finally, got a chance to look at your blog. The internet in Kumasi, Ghana is soooooo slow. Looks good, reads well, and sounds like your doing ok.


24/11/06 08:11  
Blogger (Andrea) said...

Weird spam kick ass.Plus it's funny. There's a poem I wrote:

Baby beauty, earth gem.
Waiting may, gospel calls.
Weekly service, Vegas odds.
Spread the love, enjoy.
Forget me, dream reality.
Seven steps, don't blink.

You're the one who's good with words and stuff, but I wanted to give it a chance anyway. Hope you like it.

27/11/06 22:10  

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