Friday, December 22, 2006

A Century of Gymmin'

Note the Belle and Sebastian play on words. Or don't. Today was my hundredth visit to the gym. I've been tracking my progress, noting what I lifted, how many times, and for the heck of it I've also logged my workout count. As someone who has always failed to keep a journal, day planner, penpal, ICQ account, and so on, it's nice to see I can actually commit to something.

Should anyone from the Yarmouth area ever read this blog, I highly recommend Defining Bodies on Water Street. I think most of my readers are international webboard friends, but yeah, I'll give a shout out to the best local place to get ripped. Great atmosphere, friendly people, lots of techies, too.


Blogger amiehatfield said...'ve commited to me longer than the (just thought I would point that out!)

3/11/07 17:47  

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