Friday, November 09, 2007


Before I go back to bed, I want to mention a few interesting points about our illustrious Abram. I'm really sympathetic to the guy because he clearly went through a dramatic reform. Many of his actions, which I will follow-up on later, were textbook sinful. He conceived a child with his wife's maid; that's the big one. But the point is, in spite of my previous assessment, God does demonstrate forgiveness in the Old Testament. I had suggested he was prone to knee-jerk judgment/global eradication, which is disproven by Abraham's reform. I will back it up with scripture later, but I absolutely need sleep now. I just wanted to add a second post to act as a reminder for me, but having read this stuff tonight, it helps me deal with my own past and how it should be learned from. Definitely not repeated, but perhaps if God can forgive us, we should be able to do the same for our own selves. I'm not trying to excuse my past ways, but it's hard to fault any course of action that led me to my present relationship with God. What a very strange day it's been.

P.S. I'm sure my last post is rife with typos and grammatical glitches, but I suspect the gist of what I was trying to say wasn't lost for it. (Curse you, perfectionism!!!)


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